My name is Hessah

(pronounced HES'-SAH)

About Me

I’m an end to end product designer with global work experience and diverse background in UX design, visual design, digital marketing, and business management.


I approach my process by taking a broad look at the context of the business and user, defining specific problems and needs, ideating, designing and prototyping solutions, and testing and validating with users.


I love creating holistic digital experiences with both design thinking and critical thinking. My focus is on human-centered design, data, and process automation and optimization, all in the context of inclusion, accessibility, ethics, and impact.

My Story

Born and raised in Kuwait, I backpacked and traveled the world, lived extended periods in New York and Dubai, and now reside in San Francisco.


I have a bachelor’s degree in business management that has taught me the primality of the business case. Right before graduating, I started my career working in marketing and digital marketing, which fueled my insistence on research and measurement, and solidified my interest in the intersection of business, creativity, and technology. In 2016, I was granted a scholarship from Kuwait’s government to study an executive course on innovation at Cambridge Business School. The innovation certification helped me transition to the creative world. I then decided to embark on a journey to study and work in design. I studied graphic design in New York which has sharpened my conceptual and technical visual design skills. I started doing more design-related work and ultimately got more into my sweet spot, which is UX and product design, so I studied UX design at General Assembly to polished my knowledge and skills. I truly care about and love what I do.


The best I can describe myself is that I am an idealist and realist, I am analytical and creative, and I am an introvert and an extrovert. I am empathetic, curious. and always questioning the status quo. 


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