Concept project, typography, handmade


This project was done as a student work concept during my studies at Shillington School of Graphic design. The concept album cover is for an indie hip hop artist from New Orleans named Grosser. The album has a theme of steel and metal, push and pull, and carbon copy contrast, which was translated into the use of magnet and iron filings in making of this art.


The album name, “calm as things better not to tell”, was printed out on an A4 paper and glued on a magnet sheet with each letter cut out individually. The same thing was done for a circular shape. The letters were constructed to form the album name, then covered by a white sheet of paper, which in turn was was covered with iron filings. The magnet under the paper pulled the iron filings to take the shape of the letters. The same was done for the circular shape on the right.

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