Omnivore Bookstore - Detailed Case Study

How I redesigned Omnivore's bookstore e-commerce website to succeed and to stay in operation, and to reflect their brick-and-mortar experience.

Design Extension

Redesigning with Intention


Pen and paper






Business Analysis

Competitive Analysis

Comparative Analysis

User Interviews

Customer Journey

User Flows

Heuristic Evaluation

Content Strategy




Usability Testing





2 weeks sprint




The Problem

Omnivore is struggling to stay in operation due to increasing rent prices and competition from other e-commerce giants, their website doesn’t support the business to survive in the long haul nor does it reflect the brick and mortar experience.

How Might We?

How might we boost Omnivore’s sales through their e-commerce website so that they stay in operation?

How might we reflect Omnivore’s identity on their e-commerce website?

The Solution Hypothesis

By redesigning Omnivore e-commerce website experience, by strategizing content and focus on the vintage and antiquarian collection, directly and indirectly connecting the customers with the owner, Celia, bringing the community together online, translating the simplicity of the store experience, and catering to a broader market, Omnivore will boost its sales and reflect the brick-and-mortar experience.


Business Canvas


There is potential for Omnivore Bookstore to expand through targeting the mass market, using available communication tools such as Slack to foster the community online, and strategize social media content.


Competitive Analysis

By looking at what giant e-commerce competitors are doing right, we can understand and add features that matter to the mass market. And by looking at competitors with similar value propositions, we can understand and position Omnivore more accurately.


Comparative Analysis

By looking at other websites and services that are in a similar context or share one or more value propositions, we get inspiration of what our customers value and look for in terms of looks, feel, and experience.


Customer Journey

Improving the customer journey shows that when redesigning Omnivore e-commerce website, the anxiety of looking for a book is lifted, and customers feel more connected and part of the community by contributing.


User Flows

Scenario one

Guest checkout

Scenario two



Content Strategy

Reflecting and translating the brick-and-mortar experience to online goes all the way to strategizing the content. Knowing what comes first and why, the focal points and how do they relate to the customer journey throughout the website.

Vintage and Antiquarian Collection

It is the largest collection and the unique selling point for the store. It has to be the highlight of the website and the homepage.

Celia’s Chatbox

Celia is a crucial part of the customer experience and service inside the store. With the chatbox, that connects the customer to Celia, appearing throughout the user browsing and navigation, the customer feels right at home.


Events are one of the top three priorities for Omnivore, therefore, adding it to the main navigation and highlighting some of the events on the homepage.


Announcements are usually the last bit the customer sees in the brick-and-mortar experience, however, for the website experience, bringing it to the front will help promote certain products, events, or set expectations by making certain announcements.

Book Club

Even though it is not a big part of the in-store experience, it is a stable revenue stream. I positioned it on the homepage to spark customers’ curiosity and interest.


Making It Happen


Utilize YouTube by hosting live events and promoting previous events.


Consider investing in photography and especially for the vintage and antiquarian collection.


Building a chatbot from scratch could be expensive for a local and independent bookstore like Omnivore, however, options, such as Intercom, can install a chatbox for as low as $45 per month.


Partner with the Book Shop Organization to boost sales, and with Bookmark Reviews to aggregate reviews on the website.

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